Technical Specifications

Cargo Description – Timber 2.4m Lengths (3 Stacks)
Dimensions – Body Width 2.59m (External)
Overall Length – Body Length 7.2m (External)
Design Option – Subframe          ✔ – Direct Mount        ✖
Design Features
Sub frame  – 200 x 75mm channel for subframe
Sub frame cross members – 200 x 75mm channel for cross member supports
Chassis protector plates  – 3mm Domex plates (Conveyer belt option also available)
Bolsters – 6 X Stako heavy duty Domex spear type bolsters
Bolster clamping system  – 4 point bolster clamping system (Adjustable)
Headboard – Heavy duty headboard – Flat bar type
Load Locks –  3 X Load binders with 9m straps
Light boxes – Modular 3 Hole Light Box
Lights – 6 X LED truck lights
Tailboard board – Domex bend up with chevron board
Lockable battery cover
Lockable diesel filler cover
Number plate light
Heavy duty tank guards
Rear under run bumper
Wheel flaps
Yellow reflective tape
Red retro reflectors