This quotation form constitutes an offer by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd to the buying party named on page 1 of the referenced quote for the sale of the products itemised. The offer made in the referenced quote by us is subject to the terms and conditions below. You may accept this offer by providing Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd with an official purchase order citing the referenced quotation number and/or completing the form below. By accepting this offer you accept Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s terms and conditions below.


The purchase price of any goods or services supplied or rendered by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd shall be the price reflected in the written quotation sent by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd to the Customer from which an order will be generated by the customer and accepted by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd.


Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s quotations are valid for the period of 30 days and upon expiry of the validity period Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change its prices from time to time as it, in its discretion, deems fit.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment of the purchase price of the goods in full, is due 30 days from date of Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd statement. Failure on the Customer part to pay in accordance with the terms of the conditions for goods delivered, shall entitle Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd at its opinion to withhold further delivers until such payment has been made.

Should you not have an account with us, your order will be processed as a cash sale, for which we will require the following:

  • Copy of official order
  • Upfront 50% deposit cleared in our bank account


Delivery dates in respect of the products will be set by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd on Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s receipt from you of an official purchase order or other confirmation upon accepting this quote. Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd makes no guarantee in respect of delivery dates in respect of this quote and such dates are subject to change by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd. Unless otherwise stated in this quote, delivery of the products is 6 Timmerhout street, Nelspruit, 1200, South Africa. Carriage of any Products elsewhere will incur a separate charge and be subject to a separate agreement between you and Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd.


Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable to the Customer in any manner in the event of impossibility or delay of Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s supply due to circumstances entirely beyond the control of Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd. Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd will promptly notify the Customer of any actual or anticipated delay in delivery and will take all reasonable steps to avoid or mitigate such delays.


No goods may be returned unless faulty and only if Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd has been advise in writing as to the reasons for the request of the goods’ return.


Title to any products passed from Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd to you on payment of all amounts owing to us in respect of the above referenced quote. Until that time, title in any products remains with Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd. While title to any products remains with Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd, you the recipient, acknowledge that you have no right or claim to any interest in such products; must not create or allow to be created or claim a lien over such products; and must not create any absolute or defeasible interest in such products in relation to any third party except as expressly authorised by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd.


Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd does not warrant the suitability for any specific purpose of the goods, and in so far as permitted under the Consumer Protection Act, any product specification or other information provided by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd shall not relieve the Customer of the need to conduct his own investigations and tests as to the suitability and application of the goods for any particular purpose and the Customer shall have no claim against Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd if the goods are provided in accordance with the product specifications thereof but are not suitable for any particular purpose not specifically agreed to in writing by Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd before the goods were supplied. Stako Engineering (Pty) Ltd shall not assume responsibility for the use and maintenance of any product.


By accepting the terms and conditions set out in this document, you hereby place an order to proceed with the manufacturing of the product as set out in the above referenced quotation