What To Know When Selecting A Truck Body Builder

Tips On Selecting A Body For Your New Truck


When thinking about buying your next truck, it is extremely important to ensure that you select a good and respected truck body builder. We have compiled a few important factors to remember when selecting a truck body builder.

Most truck manufacturers in South Africa will assemble and deliver their trucks to their sales outlets in the form of a chassis and cab, excluding the fitment of a truck body, it thus becomes the dealer’s and/or customer’s choice as to the selection of a truck body builder and most often the choice of which body builder to use is left entirely up to the truck salesman at the dealership itself. In South Africa these truck salesmen have a wide range of truck and trailer manufacturers to choose from. Most of them manufacture good quality truck bodies that comply with the correct NRCS standards and procedures that are stipulated by the SABS.

In General a salesman will be reluctant to lose an order simply because their bottom line price is too high and they will therefore decide on the truck body builder who quotes at the lowest price, which is often due to the inferior design and quality of workmanship.

It is your responsibility, as the buyer, to ensure that you are involved in the decision-making process regarding the selection of a truck body manufacturer. You should also verify that the truck body builder has the valid homologation certificates needed to manufacture the specific type of body that you are ordering.

You have spent hundreds of thousands of rand to buy a truck that is built and designed to durable and high quality standards, so why put a low quality body designed to cut costs and possibly only last a couple of years before you have to repair or even replace it? Remember that the resale value of your new truck will also be negatively affected by having fitted a lower quality body.

Stako Engineering builds truck bodies that exceed the standards for design quality and strength, manufacturing truck bodies that are guaranteed to outlast the majority of competing body builders. Our research into the construction and transport industry has made Stako Engineering’s truck body designs the preferred choice.

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our sales representatives.

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